DREAM is under the umbrella of the Fordney Foundation. The Fordney Foundation was created in 2002 to give kids the opportunity to ballroom dance. They are very involved with ballroom competitions around the United States and sponsoring the youth to continue in ballroom dancing. With the goal of bringing ballroom dancing to kids they fund our program, DREAM. 

You can click on their logo to learn more about the Fordney Foundation and their impact on ballroom dancing.

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We all understand the tremendous value a healthy, confident, creative future generation will add to our community. We are looking for long term partners who support and share our vision. If you are passionate in working with a new, exciting, and dedicated nonprofit who's mission is to better the future of your children, we welcome your support. 

It only takes $90 to give a kid an opportunity to participate in the DREAM program.


Click on the Fordney Foundation logo to give support.

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